What to Ask Your SEO Company 

When it comes to choosing a company that can help you grow your business online, it’s important to know what questions to ask. Not only can it save you time and effort in the long run, but it can also help you determine whether or not you’ve found the right match for your business. Contact us to learn more about mesa-seo.com

There are different types of SEO companies, so it’s important to understand which ones are the best fit for your needs and budget. Some of the most common SEO agencies are specialized in one or more industries, while others may have expertise in a range of digital marketing fields. 

1. What Makes Your Company Stand Out?

This is a critical question because it will give you an idea of how they’ll approach your project and what their strengths are. This information can then be used to build on their expertise and see which services will work well for your business in the long term. 

2. Which Industries Do You Specialize In?

This question is a crucial part of the SEO interview process because it will allow you to see how much experience they have working with your particular industry. If they don’t have extensive experience in your particular field, this is a red flag. 

3. What Metrics Do You Measure Success By?

This is an important question because it will let you know how the SEO agency aims to improve your site’s rankings and traffic. The metrics they choose to focus on should be relevant and meaningful to your business. 

The most successful SEO companies will focus on customer leads, conversions, and sales or new clients as their primary metric. These can be very powerful in terms of increasing your bottom line. 

4. How Do You Help Outrank Competitors? 

This question is an important part of the SEO interview process because it will let you know how they aim to improve your site’s rankings and traffic. They will do this by observing your competitors and creating marketing strategies that take advantage of their weaknesses. 

5. How Do You Measure Success?

This is an important question because it can help you decide how to approach your next hire. The SEO agency you choose should have a clear method for tracking success and reporting on it. They should be able to give you KPIs and metrics, so that you can track your progress throughout the year. 

6. What Tactics Do You Use?

This may sound like an easy question to answer, but it’s actually quite important. If the SEO company uses tactics that aren’t compatible with your business, it will negatively impact your search engine rankings and can even cost you more money in the long run. 

7. How Do You Approach Link-Building?

This can be a tricky question to answer because some SEO agencies will try to get you thousands of links in a short amount of time. While this can be a good way to boost your rankings, it’s not an effective strategy for long-term success.