What is DHL Ecommerce? 


TrackMyPack is an app which enables you to track the progress of your packages throughout their delivery process. It is available on the website and on Android and iOS devices. The app includes milestone tracking, delivery confirmation, and insurance. It is recommended to check the status of your packages every now and then as there are a few factors that may delay their delivery. These include the holidays, changing weather, probable errors in sharing the recipient’s contact details, and possible customs inspections. 

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Print labels 

When you use DHL ecommerce, you can easily create and print shipping labels from your account. You can import orders from any marketplace or shopping cart. You can easily compare shipping rates and services, and print shipping labels faster than ever before. 

Create tracking numbers 

In order to track a parcel delivered via DHL eCommerce, you must first create a tracking number. This number is unique to your package, and will vary depending on the country where your parcel is being delivered. It can be five to 10 digits, and will include up to three letters. DHL eCommerce offers several tracking code variations. 

Check invoices 

If you are using DHL ecommerce, you will be able to easily check invoices from the convenience of your own web portal. With this service, you will be able to view invoices in different formats and check for invoice errors in real time. You can also choose to have invoices sent to you as an e-mail attachment. 

Access shipment rates 

The DHL eCommerce plugin offers users a convenient way to access shipment rates for domestic and international shipments. The plugin provides both list and account/negotiated rates, as well as a breakdown of each service and estimated delivery time. Users can select the shipping service they need based on region, as well as any additional services they want. 

Integrate with ecommerce platform 

The choice to integrate your website with an ecommerce platform may seem complicated, but it can actually be a relatively painless process. If you use the right tools, it can streamline your business and improve customer experiences.