What is a digital marketing specialist? 

A digital marketing specialist is a marketing professional who uses the internet to promote goods and services. They work alongside other marketing professionals to identify a target market and create a strategy that will help companies reach customers online. 

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Their responsibilities are to develop and implement an effective marketing campaign that will drive sales and brand awareness. They do this by combining technical and creative skills to devise campaigns that use digital technology such as search engine optimization, email marketing, social media and content production. 

Digital marketing specialists can also find employment within a company’s marketing department or work as freelancers servicing a list of clients. This allows them to work from home when required or travel as necessary for assignments. 

What is a digital marketing specialist job description? 

As a digital marketing specialist, you may be responsible for planning and implementing all aspects of a company’s digital marketing strategy. This includes evaluating all potential advertising options, selecting which ones are most effective and then managing and tracking the success of each campaign. 

You may be tasked with designing and implementing the entire campaign or focusing on one specific area such as search engine optimization, content creation or social media management. You may work with other specialists such as web developers, copywriters and graphic designers to ensure a cohesive and effective strategy is implemented. 

What is the average salary for a digital marketing specialist? 

Salaries for digital marketers vary, but most are in the mid-six figures. This largely depends on the company, location and level of experience. The higher your salary, the more specialized you become. 

What is the typical day in the life of a digital marketing specialist? 

The average day in the life of a digital marketing professional is spent analyzing and assessing data gathered from marketing campaigns. This allows them to identify how the campaign is performing and whether any improvements are needed. 

They also collaborate with other members of the marketing team to suggest new tactics and ways to improve campaign performance. They also create content like blog posts and infographics to attract organic leads to the company’s marketing funnel. 

What is the most important skill to possess as a digital marketing specialist? 

To be a successful digital marketing specialist, you need to be willing to embrace and overcome challenges. You also need to integrate your creative and analytical skills into your daily tasks so that you can remain on top of all the latest information and trends in digital marketing. 

What are some other common job titles for digital marketing specialists? 

Those with strong IT skills and a background in business marketing, communications or a related field are often hired as Digital Marketing Specialists. This is because they have a thorough understanding of how to communicate effectively across multiple platforms, including email, social media, and website content. 

What is a social media manager? 

A social media manager focuses on creating and scheduling social media posts. This can include posting to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as other types of social media. As a social media manager, you also need to understand the importance of creating a consistent style across all your social media channels.