4 Boolean Operators For Google Search 

Boolean operators are words that join two concepts together. OR is used to join two keywords together by telling the database that both or all of them must appear in the search results. XOR is used to remove one keyword from a list of search results, but it’s not as commonly used.

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QUOTE removes a keyword from a search result 

In Google, you can remove a keyword by using the QUOTE operator. This will help you to limit the search result to pages with the exact words you entered. But this method will also eliminate a lot of useful pages. In some cases, QUOTE will also show a snippet of text from a web page that is relevant to your search. 

When searching, make sure to include quotation marks around the keywords in the search phrase. It will ensure that Google recognizes that the words are quotes. This is especially helpful when the keywords are not commonly used in English. Using QUOTE is similar to using brackets to exclude a word from a search. 

XOR joins two or more concepts by telling the database that X must also appear in the search results 

XOR joins two or more concepts, such as rabies AND possums. For example, a search for rabies and feral cats would return rabies AND possums, and rabies AND bats. XOR is a common programming language operator and can be used to combine two concepts with different meanings. 

XOR is a useful SQL operator for making database searches more precise. It tells the database how to combine multiple search terms into a single result. There are five Boolean operators, and all library databases support them. The OR operator joins two or more keywords, and it must be enclosed in parentheses. 

Boolean operators help make library searches more specific. These operators enable you to combine or exclude concepts, and they can save you time and effort. Use them to narrow down your search and avoid missing interesting articles.