Is Duplicate Content Bad For SEO? 

Whether or not duplicate content is bad for SEO depends on the type of content, and the extent of the copying. It is not necessarily a ranking factor, but it does harm link equity and can cause delays when indexing new pages. This is especially true of content that is copied from other websites and shared on social media.

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Not a negative ranking factor 

Duplicate content is a common SEO problem, but it’s not a negative ranking factor in and of itself. Although duplicate content can bloat your site and use up your crawl budget, Google won’t penalize you for having two pages that contain the same content. Instead, Google may show one of the pages in the search results. 

Some types of duplicate content are acceptable if done with good intent. For example, you might duplicate a product listing, a discussion forum post, or a web page’s print-friendly version. While structural issues and overuse of boilerplate text are not considered negative SEO factors, Google does react negatively if you duplicate content on purpose to manipulate search results or mislead users. 

Hurts link equity 

Inbound links are a major ranking factor for search engines. When a site creates two versions of a page, it dilutes the link equity by dispersing it across both pieces. This means that if you have two pieces of content with the same URL, the search engine is forced to choose one. This means that duplicate content will hurt your rankings. 

There are several ways to address duplicate content. First, make sure that the content is unique on all of its URLs. For example, if you post the same article on two different pages, it would be counted as duplicate content. Using the canonical URL attribute is a great way to ensure that your content is unique across all of your pages. 

This leads to delays in indexing new pages 

Duplicate content can affect the way Google indexes your pages. In most cases, the problem is unintentional. While this can be a frustrating situation, there are things you can do to fix the problem and avoid having duplicate content appear on your pages. Google considers duplicate content as any content that has been copied or reproduced on a different website. If you want your pages to be indexed quickly, make sure that you have only one copy of your content. 

The first step to fixing duplicate content is to remove it from your website. You can do this by using a tool called Google Search Console to identify duplicate pages. Another solution is to add a “no index” tag to each page. 

Can be caused by technical SEO mishaps 

If you’re trying to increase your search engine rankings, technical SEO is a very important aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Without a good technical foundation, your website will not rank for the right keywords. And that can lead to an SEO disaster. There are several technical SEO mistakes you should be aware of, and you need to know how to correct them before your website suffers. 

Broken images and broken links can hurt your SEO and negatively affect your site’s bounce rate. Keeping broken links to a minimum is an important component of good technical SEO. Broken links can be caused by site errors or even domain changes. If your website is not properly linking, you could get penalized. If you want your website to rank higher, you need to ensure that the site has proper internal linking.