How to Learn Digital Marketing Online Free For Beginners? 

Whether you are a total beginner or just want to learn about different strategies, there are many free digital marketing courses available online for beginners. These courses are generally self-paced, so you can schedule your lessons around your lifestyle. These courses can take anywhere from a few hours to months to complete. 

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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced digital marketer, Coursera has a course for you. You can get a free 7-day trial and start learning right away. You can also subscribe to a paid plan if you want to get more advanced course material. 


Skillshare is a free online learning community with thousands of digital marketing courses. It was founded in New York in November 2010 and has since grown into a major digital marketing institution with over 5,000 courses available. The courses on the platform are written by a wide range of experts and are based on real-world examples. Many of the courses include ad campaigns and practical tests. 


HubSpot Academy is one of the world’s leading providers of online marketing education. It offers a variety of online courses, including a certification in email marketing. These courses will teach you how to create effective email marketing campaigns, segment your user base, and optimize email deliverability rates. 

Google Analytics 

Several free online courses will teach you the basics of digital marketing. Many of them will include Google Analytics. For example, the free Basecamp Digital course will teach you how to use Google Analytics to track digital marketing campaigns. This course will teach you how to analyze data to identify how well a digital marketing campaign is working, and how to improve your digital marketing efforts. 

PPC University 

Google’s PPC University is a great way to learn digital marketing online for free. Its 36 lessons are easy to follow, and the course also includes quizzes and other useful resources. The course covers everything from keyword research to participating in Google AdWords auctions to optimizing a Google AdWords campaign.