Add Tags to Your YouTube Channel: A Comprehensive Guide 


Adding tags to your YouTube channel can help you identify what type of viewers are most interested in your content and reach them more effectively. Tags also make it easier for you to find and compare footage, making sure you’re providing the best possible experience for viewers.

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How to Add Tags to Your YouTube Channel? 

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How to Use Tags on Your YouTube Channel? 

To add new tags to your YouTube channel, first, create a new account and sign in. Then choose the “Tags” tab on the main screen. Here you will find all of the tags that are currently assigned to your account. To add a tag, simply type its name into the text field and click the “add tag” button. Once added, your tag will appear in blue under the associated video. 

If you want to edit a tag, select it from the list and click the editing icon at the bottom of the field. After editing, you can re-submit the tag or remove it by clicking the “remove tag” button. 

Edit Tags.

Once you have created a new tag for your channel, it is important to edit it so that it meets all of your requirements including copyright information. To do this, select it from within the Tags tab and click on the “edit” link at the top of the screen. To comply with copyright laws, all tags must include both their title and author information before they can be used on your channel. The title is always written in lowercase while the author’s information is always in uppercase letters. Once edited, your tags will be live and available for use on your channel!

Tips for using Tags on Your YouTube Channel. 

Adding a title to your video can help identify it quickly and easily from other users on YouTube. As well, adding a descriptive description will help others who watch your video understand what it’s about. Finally, add tags to describe the content in your video so that people who visit your channel can find the information they need more quickly. 

Add a Description. 

When creating a description for your video, be sure to include information about what you’re trying to communicate. For example, if you’re creating a video about fitness, consider providing tips on how to achieve better health or provide information on healthy eating habits. Additionally, avoid using long words or technical terms in your descriptions—these may not be understood by viewers unfamiliar with those topics. 

Add a Tags Cloud. 

The tags cloud available on YouTube allows you to add specific tags to your videos so that viewers can find them more easily online when they search for similar content. By adding tags to your videos, you can ensure that viewers receive the most relevant and useful information when watching them online. 


Tags are a great way to add extra excitement and interest to your YouTube channel. By adding new tags and editing existing tags, you can create a unique and entertaining programming experience for your viewers. In addition, using copyright information will help protect your videos from infringement. With these tips in hand, you can easily create an impressive YouTube channel that will get you noticed!